Boat Manufacturer Division (BMD)

NMMA boat manufacturer members, representing more than 85% of boats sold across North America, recognize the value of NMMA Certification for their business and their customers. Promote your NMMA Certified boats through Discover Boating and join other industry stakeholders in support of the association’s efforts to protect and grow recreational boating.


Boat Manufacturer Division dues are based on the total North American marine sales for your company’s most recently completed fiscal year. Click here to view the BMD dues schedule or reference Section II on the NMMA Canada BMD Membership Application.


To join NMMA’s Boat Manufacturer Division your business must manufacture or import boats. If your business is based outside North America it must have a certificate of authority from at least one province/state of Canada/United States showing it is legally authorized to conduct business in that province/state, thereby submitting to its jurisdiction. Without such proof, application for NMMA membership will not be considered by any boat manufacturing firm outside North America.  

NMMA Certification

Currently, 85% of all boats sold in North America are produced by NMMA Certified boat manufacturing members. NMMA Certification ensures that manufacturers build their boats to applicable standards set by the American Boats & Yacht Council (ABYC), and helps promote their compliance to consumers. Participating boat manufacturers must submit applications for all models; each model undergoes inspection by an NMMA inspector annually. To achieve Certification, a manufacturer must demonstrate that all variances found during the inspection have been corrected.  Manufacturers of NMMA Certified boats benefit from:

  • Assurance their boats meet the industry standards for Canada (ABYC Standards)
  • A detailed hands-on inspection and verification process
  • Improved consumer confidence
  • Increased brand respect and awareness through Discover Boating
  • Liability protection and product liability insurance discounts

Discover Boating Membership Fees

NMMA members support the Discover Boating program through vision, leadership and financial contributions. The Discover Boating Engine Assessment serves as the primary funding tool. All NMMA Engine Manufacturer Division members are required to pay this assessment on their marine engines.


To join NMMA Canada as a BMD member, please contact Sylvie Quenneville