Many — but not all — boats are required to meet a set of minimum manufacturing regulations established by Transport Canada for boats sold in Canada and the U.S. Coast Guard for boats sold in the U.S. Across North America, NMMA Certification goes beyond the minimum USCG and Transport Canada standards to ensure adherence to the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards and Transport Canada.

Manufacturers of NMMA Certified boats benefit from:

  • Assurance their boats meet the industry standards for Canada and the United States (ABYC Standards)
  • A detailed inspection and verification process
  • Improved consumer confidence
  • Increased brand respect
  • Liability protection and product liability insurance discounts


“I believe that the NMMA certification program is of great benefit to the boating industry.  In order to be NMMA certified, our boats must meet Transport Canada regulations as well as the additional standards that are set by the American Boat & Yacht Council, which cover more systems and components.  This allows us to serve our customers better and increase customer satisfaction.”
Bill Connor, Connor Industries/Stanley Boats

“The NMMA certification program is very comprehensive and focused on product safety.  It improves the ownership experience through quality assurance.” 
Princecraft, Steve Langlais

“The NMMA certification program helps to show our customers that we care about providing them with the best product possible.  It ensures that all construction and safety standards are above and beyond just the minimum requirements.”

Brock Elliott, Campion Boats

Three cheers also for the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) which has further raised the bar by requiring that all boatbuilders who want to remain members of the industry trade group must meet NMMA certification standards. These boat building standards are more extensive than those required by the U.S. Coast Guard. Boating consumers and especially anyone in the market looking to purchase a new boat would do well to visit for the current list of NMMA certified boat brands.

Richard Schwartz, Founder & Chairman & Michael G. Sciulla, Editor, Boat U.S.

As active participants in NMMA’s certification process, seminars and ancillary programs, Brunswick Boat Group is buoyed by the relationship we have with our industry association. They continue to bring value to the membership, act as a third party quality control and provide us with inroads to both the regulatory and statutory paths of the recreational boating business.

Dave Marlow, Director, Product Integrity, Brunswick Boat Group – Member since 1957

I have personally been involved with the NMMA Certification Program since 1969. I have seen it grow into a great source of information. To any young engineer starting out in the marine industry, the Certification Program is the fundamental training tool by which he or she will be guided throughout their career. The best minds in the business have had input into the program. To not take advantage of it is unimaginable.

John Deurr, Premier Pontoons

I thought a quick note was in order regarding the new boat show signage touting the benefits of NMMA certified boats: TERRIFIC! As you know, we have been strong supporters of the program since the early days (I believe we were the second sailboat builder certified—only because of the order that we were on the desk!) but the certification program has no meaning to the public unless we tell ’em what it means. You are starting to do that in a very admirable way. I support the efforts, and hope there is enough in the budget to continue to educate the buyers about the all the benefits of buying an NMMA Certified vessel!

Bill Bolin, Island Packet Yachts

NMMA Certification tells Sumerset Houseboat customers that we care. We care about building the best houseboat, we care about their safety and peace of mind, we care about boaters.

Nancy Rimas, Sumerset Houseboats

Per reading the latest edition regarding boat manufacturer members certification program, by 2007, in Boat & Motor Dealer Nov. 11 2004, this program in my opinion is a great attitude toward further safety requirements. I remember the newspaper article written this year concerning the levels of CO poisoning that have occurred and the amount of deaths boaters have experienced in past years. I was glad to see your organization step up to the plate and fight off this bad publicity boating was receiving. New boaters as well as old boaters will be happy to see this new mandate of boat certification by 2007. It truly shows that strict safety is on everyone's mind when approaching boating!

Chet Rumbley, Harbor Master, Litchfield Plantation Marina

I think it’s a comprehensive program—the program is designed to keep people in boating, by improving the ownership experience. The two important components of the system involve quality assurance, improving the quality of the product itself and training for service people in the field through by requiring NMMA members to participate in the yacht certification program and dealer CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). This is the only program I've seen designed to retain and increase our customer base.

Gerard Douglass on the Grow Boating Initiative
Vice president and Chief of engineering, Catalina Yachts