2020: Carl Blackwell, NMMA and Joe Lewis, Mount Dora Boating Center & Marina

Carl Blackwell, NMMA
Joe Lewis, Mount Dora Boating Center & Marina

2018: Tom Marhevko, NMMA and Phil Cappel, USCG

Phil Cappel
Tom Marhevko

2013: Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer, CEO and Founder, Sea Tow Services International

Capt. Joe Frohnoefer

2012: Geoff Eisenberg, President and CEO, West Marine; and Randy Repass, Founder, West Marine

Geoff Eisenberg
Randy Repass

2011: Ralph Lambrecht

Ralph Lambrecht

2005: Richard Schwartz, Chairman and Founder, BoatU.S.

Richard Schwartz

2004: Skip Allen, Sr., Southern Boating

Skip Allen, Sr.

2003: Lars Granholm, Chairman, IMCI

Lars Granholm

2002: R.C. “Dick” Rowe, Chairman and President, Indmar

Dick Rowe

2001: Jean-Jacques “J.J.” Marie, Zodiac of America

Jean-Jacques “J.J.” Marie

2000: Bob and Bill Healey, Viking Yachts

Bob and Bill Healey

1999: United States Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard

1998: Jeff Napier, NMMA President 1980–1998

Jeff Napier

1997: United States Power Squadrons

United States Power Squadrons

1996: Lysle Gray, Former ABYC Executive Director

Lysle Gray

1995: Robert Cox, Chairman of the Board, Lauderdale Marina, Inc.

Robert Cox

1994: Ham Hamberger, CEO, Tracker Marine

Ham Hamberger

1993: Don Rocheleau, Chairman/CEO, Attwood Corp.

Don Rocheleau

1992: Robert Nordskog, Former Publisher, Powerboat magazine

Robert Nordskog

1991: Partners in Achievement, Scholarship Program of Chapman School of Seamanship

1990: George Van Zevern, Publisher, Boat & Motor Dealer

George Van Zevern

1989: James Lippmann, Former ABYC Executive Director

James Lippmann

1988: Charles A. Jones, Boating Industry Magazine

Charles A. Jones, 1927–1996

1987: Jules G. Fleder, Former President, Westlawn School of Yacht Design

Jules G. Fleder

1986: David R. Parker Jr., Former President of Hatteras Yachts

David R. Parker, Jr.

1985: Jim Wynne, World Class Designer, Board of Trustees, International Oceanographic Foundation

Jim Wynne, 1929-1990

1984: William (Bill) Clifford, American Waterski Association

William Clifford

1983: George M. Good, Bertram Yacht Division of Whitaker Marine

George M. Good, 1904-2000

1982: Alan J. Freedman, Aqua Meter Instrument Corp.

Alan J. Freedman, 1923-1982

1981: William (Bill) Shaw, Pearson Yachts Division of Grumman Corp.

William Shaw

1980: James R. McQueen Jr., Trojan Yachts, mst recently Chris Craft

James R. McQueen, Jr.

1979: E.C. (Carl) Kiekhaefer, Kiekhaefer Aeromarine Motors

Carl Kiekhaefer, 1906–1983

1978: Ralph Thacher, Burr Bros. Boats

Ralph Thacher

1977: J.T. Lowe, Jacksonville (FL) Marine Association

J.T. Lowe

1976 Inaugural Award: Ralph Evinrude, Outboard Marine Corp.

Ralph Evinrude, 1907–1986