Associate Members

Join the members of the Associate Division that provide services to boating consumers or business opportunities to industry stakeholders. Take an active role in the association’s efforts to protect and grow recreational boating through public policy advocacy and industry-focused growth initiatives.


Some of the benefits you will enjoy as an NMMA Canada member are:

You can learn more about the benefits of NMMA membership by visiting our member benefits page.


NMMA Associate Membership is open to non-manufacturing service providers to the marine industry. Three categories of membership are available:

  • Associate Member - A business entity that provides a service to the marine industry and/or the general boating consumer (ex: marinas, publications, insurance, repairs, MTA, etc.) - $995 annual participation fee.
  • Dealer/Retailer Member - Must be an authorized dealer/retailer of a new boat brand or engine manufactured by an NMMA Canada member - $995 annual participation fee.
  • Distributor Member - Must be an authorized distributor of products manufactured by at least five different NMMA accessory manufacturing members; or an authorized distributor of marine engines produced by an NMMA engine manufacturing member - $995 annual participation fee.
  • Finance Member - A business entity that provide banking solutions, commercial or consumer lending, floor planning, financial planning or financial consulting services - $995 annual participation fee.


To join as an Associate Member, please follow these three steps. For questions regarding the requirements of Associate Membership or to set up a conference call to review the program, please contact Marie-France Mackinnon