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National Marine Manufacturers Association
NMMA Boat and Yacht Certification Program 
Standards Basis – 2024 Model Year


Inboard Engines 33 CFR 183 Subpart I and J
Marine Sanitation Devices 33 CFR 159 Subpart C
Hull Identification (H.I.N.) 33 CFR 181 Subpart C
LPG Systems A-1-18
Cooking Appliances A-3-21
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment A-6-18
Liquid and Solid Fueled Boat Heating Systems A-7-21
Gasoline and Propane Detection A-14-20
Electric Navigation Lights A-16-16
Electric Navigation Lights A-16-22 (Compliance date of July 31, 2023)
Sound Signal Appliances A-23-20
Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems A-24-20
LPG and CNG Fueled Appliances A-26-18
Alternating Current (AC) Generator SETS A-27-21
Galvanic Isolators A-28-19
Cooking Appliances with integral LPG cylinders A-30-18
Battery Chargers and Inverters A-31-20
AC Power Conversion Equipment and Systems A-32-22
Emergency Engine/Propulsion Cut-off Devices A-33-20
Construction and Testing of Electric Navigation Lights C-5-21 (Compliance date of July 31, 2023)
Storage Batteries E-10-21
A.C. & D. C. Electrical Systems E-11-22
Electric Propulsion Systems E-30-22
Field of Vision from the Helm H-01-19
Ventilation Gasoline H-02-21
Windows, Hatches, Doors, and Port Lights H-03-19
Cockpit Drainage Systems H-04-20
Capacity H-05-21
Buoyancy/Flotation H-08-22
Electric Bilge Pumps H-22-20
Water Systems H-23-20
Gasoline Fuel Systems H-24-22
Portable Gasoline Fuel Systems H-25-21
Powering H-26-21
Seacocks, Thru-Hulls and Drain Plugs H-27-21
Inflatable Boats H-28-21
Canoes and Kayaks H-29-22
Hydraulic Systems H-30-22
Seat Structures H-31-20
Ventilation Diesel H-32-18
Diesel Fuel Systems H-33-21
Pontoon Boats H-35-22
Jet Boat – Light Weight H-37-22
Anchoring, Mooring, and Strong Points H-40-19
Ladders, Handholds, and Rails H-41-22
Exhaust Systems P-01-19
Propeller Shafting Systems P-06-21
Mechanical Propulsion Control Systems P-14-20
Mechanical Steering Systems P-17-18
Manual Hydraulic Steering Systems P-21-22
Steering Wheels P-22-18
Jet Boat Steering/Propulsion P-23-22
Electric/Electronic Steering Control Systems for Propulsion and Steering P-28-20
Capacity Plates S-7-20
Outboard Engine Weight Table S-30-22
Safety Signs and Labels T-05-21


Updated ABYC Standards and New Standards for the 2024 MY program in Bold.