NMMA Certified Marketing Efforts

NMMA promotes your investment to safety by promoting NMMA Certified boats, yachts and boat trailers to consumers. Here’s a list of just a few the things we’re doing:

  • Boat show signage
  • Promotion on DiscoverBoating.com, including a full listing of NMMA Certified manufacturers
  • Advertisement in consumer boating magazines
  • NMMA Boat show directory editorials and advertisements including full listings of NMMA certifed manufacturers
  • Promotion of NMMA certified boats on NMMA boat show websites and consumer newsletters

Manufacturer Involvement

As an NMMA Certified manufacturer, you can leverage this campaign to promote your NMMA Certified boats, yachts and trailers. Here are just a few examples of how you can raise consumer awareness of your commitment to safety:

  • Use NMMA Certified Capacity and Yacht Plates onboard your vessel
  • Place NMMA Certified decals on your boats, yachts and trailers
  • Place the NMMA Certified logo in all of your advertising and marketing materials including:
    • Brochures and product catalogs
    • Magazine and print advertising
    • Your website
    • Signage at dealers and exhibits
    • To obtain a copy of the NMMA Certifed logo, please contact Melissa Taylor
  • Educate your dealers and sales staff on how NMMA Certified can set you apart from your competitors

Certification Magazine Advertisements

These ads promote the benefits of NMMA Certification to consumers and run in various magazines and boat show directories.