Safe boating

NMMA Canada promotes the responsible use of life jackets as they save lives. Individuals participating in water sports and children younger than the age of 12 should be required to wear life jackets.

Further study on the length of vessels involved in incidents is needed to find evidence-based, common-sense solutions to ensure more Canadian boaters wear life jackets. This data should be gathered by national law enforcement over a three-year period.

NMMA Canada favours non-regulatory, consensus-building approaches, focusing on education. Mandatory regulations for adults do not always equal compliance. Our education campaigns have successfully increased acceptance of wearing life jacketsm among boaters. We have been proud to run education campaigns for life jacket use across North America, and will continue promoting their use.

We will continue encouraging the Government of Canada to collaborate with us on education campaigns to encourage more Canadians to wear life jackets. We look forward to ongoing discussion on this issue with all stakeholders.


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