NMMA Canada is the leading trade association for recreational boating, representing manufacturers of boats, engines, and accessories in Canada. We work closely with our industry partners and with federal, provincial, and municipal governments to ensure that the millions of Canadians who enjoy recreational boating with their families can continue to do so safely and with ease.

The number of Canadians participating in recreational boating has steadily increased, with manufacturing sales growing by 108% during the last ten years.

NMMA’s 2022 Economic Impact Study reports that the recreational boating sector is a significant contributor to the Canadian economy that:

  • Supports more than 80,000 good-paying jobs in Canada, especially in rural communities.
  • Added $9.2 billion to Canada’s GDP.
  • Generated $4.6 billion in tax revenues to municipal, provincial and federal governments in 2022.

Advocacy is most effective when people are engaged—and the more people engaged, the better it works. That’s why NMMA Canada strives to make it easy for you to stay informed about issues impacting the industry and to raise your voice in support of recreational boating.