Historically, gasoline-powered inboard and inboard/outboard (sterndrive) boats have been equipped with four-stroke cycle engines. With growing interest and legislation in reducing marine engine emissions, these four-stroke cycle engines are now appearing with exhaust after-treatment. In recognition of emerging four-stroke cycle engines with catalysts in the marine market and their unique lubrication demands, the NMMA Oil Certification Committee initiated the development of a new four-stroke cycle engine oil specification, “NMMA FC-W Catalyst Compatible®.”

The need to protect the catalysts adds another dimension to the lubrication demands of marine engines whose duty cycles have always discriminated them from over-the-road light and heavy duty automotive engines. High loads, high speeds, and exposure to high levels of humidity and salt water are just a few of the unique characteristics found in the marine environment.

This new catalyst-compatible standard draws heavily on the experience and success of the earlier NMMA FC-W® standard, which was developed to meet the needs of large and technically advanced four-stroke cycle marine engines. These include four-stroke cycle outboard engines, which are now taking the place of some conventional two-stroke cycle outboard engines. As a result, the new catalyst-compatible standard can provide the performance required for engines that would otherwise call for NMMA FC-W® lubricants.

This new catalyst-compatible specification follows the longstanding and successful tradition of BIA TC-W, NMMA TC-WII®, NMMA TC-W3®, and NMMA FC-W® programs to assist boaters and manufacturers in identifying the proper engine oils which have been specially formulated to withstand the rigors of use in marine engines. The NMMA FC-W Catalyst Compatible® specification is intended to support the industry in providing long term durability, power and overall consumer satisfaction with marine engines utilizing catalyst after-treatment.


For more information regarding oil certification, contact:

Tom Marhevko
Senior Vice President, Engineering Standards

2020 FC-W® (CAT) Marine Oils

Number Name Company
FB-13827W Marine Inboard Four Stroke Oil 25w-40 Penrite Oil Company Pty Ltd
FC-00364P Motorex Ocean FC 4T SAE 10W/40 Bucher AG Langenthal- Motorex Schmiertechnik
FC-00802K Gulf Pride 4004 LE - SAE 10W-40 Gulf Oil International
FC-01750T Pro Star 4 Stroke 25W40 Outboard Oil KINPAK, INC.
FC-01810T Pro Star 4 Stroke 10W40 Outboard Oil KINPAK, INC.
FC-01820T Pro Star 4 Stroke 10W30 Outboard Oil KINPAK, INC.
FC-11298X Ravenol Outboardoel 4T SAE 10W-40 Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH
FC-13799W MP Plus Sport 10w-40 Rock Oil Company
FC-14350X Outboard 500 4T 10W-40 YACCO
FC-14640X Super Tech Synthetic Blend Marine Warren Distribution
FC-14937W Wolf Outboard 4T 10W30 Wolf Oil Corporation N.V.
FC-256503X Titan Marine FC-W SAE 10W-30 Fuchs Petrolub SE
FC-37994W FC-W Power Marine 10W30 Armorine SAS
FC-38116W Marine Outboard Four Stroke Oil 10w-30 Penrite Oil Company Pty Ltd
FC-38277W Champion Outboard 4T 10W30 Champion Chemicals N.V.
FC-38556W Klotz 10W40 Klotz Synthetic Lubricants, Inc.
FC-423324Y Kawasaki Jet Ski Watercraft S4 10W40 Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc.
FC-43508X Outboard 500 4T 25W-40 YACCO
FC-43514X Ravenol Marine Oil Petrol SAE 25W-40 Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH
FC-43517X Ravenol Outboardoel 4T SAE 25W-40 Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH
FC-51534X Ravenol Outboardoel 4T SAE 10W-30 Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH
FC-91435X Outboard 500 4T 10W-30 YACCO