Complete 2016 Canadian Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract Released Today, Most Comprehensive Data Source for Canada’s Recreational Boating Industry

 TORONTO, CANADA—July 19, 2017—The complete edition of the 2016 Canadian Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract was released today by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Canada. The most comprehensive collection of statistics on the Canadian recreational boating industry, the Abstract features thousands of data points and insights on the country’s marine market, and includes the Pre-Owned Markets and Exports/Imports sections, which have not yet been released and are also available as individual downloads.

“Recreational boating continues to remain a significant part of the Canadian economy and pastime for thousands of Canadians, and the Abstract provides key insights to help stakeholders understand the state of our industry and annually assess the Canadian recreational boating market,” noted Sara Anghel, executive director of NMMA Canada.

Key insights from the 2016 Abstract include:

  • There were approximately 37,349 new power boats sold in 2016, and increase of 0.3% from 2015. Corresponding retail dollar sales were up 10.2 percent to $2 billion.
    • Unit sales by boat category in 2016:

      • Sterndrive boats (up 1.3 percent) – 3,895 units sold
      • Inboard cruisers (up 5.3 percent) – 978 units sold
      • Personal watercraft (up 21.5 percent) – 9,188 units sold
      • Inflatable boats (up 20.4 percent) – 755 units sold
      • Outboard boats (down 6.3 percent) – 18,868 units sold
      • Inboard ski/wakeboard boats (down 14.5 percent) – 2,200 units sold
      • Sport jetboats (down 3%) – 553 units sold
      • Other jetboats (down 2.5%) – 468 units sold
  • New sailboat unit sales declined 14.1 percent, with 444 sold.
  • New outboard engine sales totaled 39,728 units, up 3.5 percent compared to 2015, and corresponding retail dollar sales totaled $296.5 million, up 3.1 percent.
    • Outboard engine sales were up in nearly all provinces with growth led by Ontario (up 8.3 percent), British Columbia (up 7.8 percent), Atlantic Provinces (up 7.1 percent), and Northwest Territories (up 7.8 percent). Together, these provinces accounted for 63.4 percent of outboard engine unit sales in 2016.
  • Disposable income, a key economic indicator for new boat sales, was up a seasonally adjusted four percent through the fourth quarter of 2016.
  • Pre-owned boat unit sales in Canada totaled 63,505 units in 2016, down slightly (0.8 percent) after rebounding to a two-year high in 2015; corresponding dollar sales of pre-owned boats declined 2.3 percent to $1.1 billion.
  • Exports of recreational boats and marine engines from Canada totaled $201.2 million in 2016, down 43.8 percent in total value compared to 2015, due primarily to a 99.2 percent decrease in exports of smaller inboard boats less than 27’ to Europe, Asia/Australia and the Middle East, along with an 88.6 percent decrease in “other” boat exports.
  • Exports of Canadian engines doubled in 2016 and totaled $16.4 million, a 104 percent increase.
  • Canadian boat imports totaled $685.8 million in 2016, relatively unchanged (down 0.1 percent) compared to 2015.

The four sections of the 2016 Abstract – Economic Facts, Retail Markets (New Boats), Pre-Owned Markets, and Exports/Imports – are available for complimentary download by NMMA members on the new, easier-to-navigate statistics section of found here; the report is also available for purchase by non-NMMA members. The print edition of the full report can be ordered here.

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