NMMA Canada President Sara Anghel Speaks To House of Commons Transportation Committee on Abandoned Vessels Legislation

TORONTO—February 7, 2018—National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Canada President Sara Anghel will be speaking to the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities regarding Bill C-64 (An Act respecting wrecks, abandoned, dilapidated or hazardous vessels and salvage operations) in Ottawa today to provide input on the Bill and what NMMA thinks is important for the government to consider as it develops regulations for this new law.

Bill C-64, if passed will make it illegal to abandon boats while also allowing the government to go after owners of derelict boats that have already been abandoned. It proposes that individuals who abandon a boat can face fines up to $300,000 and a six month jail term while corporations can be fined as much as $6 million. The legislation focuses on both commercial and recreational vessels.

“I would like to thank the committee for providing NMMA Canada with an opportunity to comment on the legislation” said Sara Anghel. “NMMA is supportive of the proposed legislation while stressing the importance of ensuring that, as the regulations are developed commercial vessels are treated differently than recreational boats.”

Once again, we applaud the government for introducing Bill C-64 and we will continue to provide assistance and support as the bill moves through Parliament and is studied and considered. 

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